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7 Best Videos: How To Support Someone in Grief

Connecting with a friend or loved one in grief can feel really daunting. Our culture, while so open about everything on social media, is still in the dark about how to talk about grief. Most of us worry we don't have the right words, feel awkward or uncomfortable bringing it up, or don't know what to do to help a friend who is suffering. 

This collection of videos educates us about grief, empathy, and support, and gives us the confidence to step forward and support our loved ones. May these inspire connection during our friends' hardest moments, and help us understand how to help in ways that heal. 

1) Rethinking How We Hold Space for Grief and Loss

A TedTalk by Michele Pearson Clarke discusses how we hold space for grief for ourselves and others by looking at the ritual of grief in the animal world. 

2) How To Help a Grieving Friend-Refuge in Grief

Author and grief support coach, Megan Devine, and her company Refuge In Grief created this animated look into how to support a friend during loss.  

3) Grief Casserole-How to Help Your Friends and Family Through Grief and Loss

This Ted Talk has powerful advice from musician Kate Schutt about how to step out of our fears and hangups so we can support our loved ones during grief. 


4) Empathy Vs. Sympathy

Brene Brown uses this gentle animation to discuss the difference between empathy and sympathy when someone is going through a hard time. 


5) We Don't "Move on" From Grief. We Move Forward With It.

Author and podcaster Nora McInerny talks about her experience with grief, and how "moving forward" is so much different then "moving on" after losing a loved one. Her podcast, Terrible Thanks for Asking, is an honoring of life's hardest moments and her book It's Ok to Laugh and Crying is Cool Too, is a comforting and humours read for the bereaved.  

6) Advice to Friends and Family-Good Grief Trust

Julia Samuel from the Good Grief Trust talks about how to best support our loved ones when they experience a loss. 


7) A Guide to Supporting Someone Who is Bereaved

An excellent video from Child Bereavement UK from parents who have experienced the loss of a child and what did and didn't help them heal in their time of grief. 


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