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Best Crystals for Grief

Just like humans, crystals and stones have their own vibration and energy. Crystal vibrations have unique healing energies that can support us in a variety of ways, especially for trauma, hardship, and grief.

The list below touches on some of the most well known and healing crystals for grief, but there are many crystals that can assist in the healing process during grief, loss, and hardship. Intention is the most powerful tool of all, so if you come across a stone or crystal that resonates to you, trust that you are drawn to it for a reason and set your own intentions for healing with the crystal!


Apache Tear  

Apache tear crystal for grief

A powerful healing grief stone: Apache Tears promotes grounding, protection, and reduces stress. It helps to protect the body & spirit from further drain & damage after grief or loss, making it incredibly healing for the bereaved. Apace Tears can assist in “opening the floodgates of grief” by releasing stuck emotional patterns, and to allow for grounded, self-assured emotions to take the place of wounded or disoriented emotions.

The name “Apache Tear”, originates from a folklore tale: In 1870, the US Calvary and Apache warriors battled on a mountaintop. The Apache warriors chose to ride their horses off a cliff rather than face defeat. When the Apache women cried for their warriors, their tears turned into stone.



Nephrite crystal for grief

A stone from the Jade family, Nephrite helps revitalize your nervous system to support healing, and calms adrenals to reduce stress. This stone It offers physical and emotional harmony, especially during challenging situations or hard seasons in life such a grief or loss. 


Lepidolite crystal for grief

Lepidolite is “the stone of transition”, which makes it an excellent support crystal for the emotional ups and downs of grief. Lepidolite provides assistance to accept changes in our lives, including the massive ones that come with loss. It supports emotional balance, helps release worry, and is a gentle aide for stress relief. This allows you to deal with emotional struggles in a way that honors you and whatever hardship you are experiencing.

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz crystal for grief

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love and offers soothing energies to counteract the stress build-up that occurs during grief. Rose quartz is the best crystal to rebalance shock and trauma in the heart region, and is excellent for helping mend a broken heart. It helps the heart heal form wounds, and reawakens trust in the heart region. Its’ soft, loving qualities also allow for greater connection with the divine or lost loved ones.


Moss Agate  

Green Moss Agate Crystal for Grief

Green is the color of the heart chakra. Green Moss Agate is used to clear blockages and to re-balance the heart. It helps us understand our own needs and emotions clearly, and assists in creating inner balance and stability when outer life feels chaotic or uncertain.


Black Onyx  

Black Onyx Crystal for GriefOnyx strongly supports your inner strength and resilience, especially after a trauma or loss. It helps build-up your vitality during stress and healing, by calming nervousness, anxiety, and anger. Onyx also supports your body and builds endurance when you’ve been physically depleted. It cultivates focus and willpower, which creates strength and confidence in uncertain times.


Rainbow Moonstone 

Rainbow Moonstone Crystal for Grief

The stone of optimism and inner peace: Rainbow Moonstone helps promote hope during the darkest of times. It is especially healing for the emotional body, bringing balance and emotional strength. It also supports the physical body in overcoming fatigue from depression and grief. This stone helps to reawaken your inner light when it feels lost and dim.



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