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About Tender Heart Tools


"What can I do?"

About Tender Heart Tools

If you've been through grief or hardship, or know someone who has, this is the most common question you ask and receive. These types of emotions are HARD, and our first instinct is to take the pain away, to solve "the problem."

The challenge, though, is that grief and hardship aren't problems to be solved. Many times, this moment is the worst or lowest in someone's life, and no amount of food or flowers can change that.

Tender Heart Tools has a different approach.

Let us support the ones we love with true healing tools that allow the bereaved and broken hearted to actually FEEL what they need to feel, in order to heal and find peace.

That means letting tears flow, anger spike, and sadness overcome. This type of vulnerability helps us to know we are not alone, that what we are feeling is normal, and that we are loved through all the messiness of healing. 

The founder and owner of Tender Heart Tools, Megan Slattery, created this company after experiencing the loss of her mother to cancer. Each of the tools in these care packages has been carefully selected, tested, and used in times of need by Megan, her family, and friends.

Whether you send a Tender Heart Tools package to a loved one, or are giving yourself the gift of self-care, our hope is that these items bring comfort and peace wherever you are in your healing journey.