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Reiki Healing Session via Zoom ~ 60 Minutes

Reiki Healing Session via Zoom ~ 60 Minutes

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Reiki is an alternative form of healing that supports mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. A Reiki healing session clears out negative, stuck energy so that you feel lighter, energized, and more connected to yourself. 

A Reiki session is a perfect addition to one of our healing packages, or can be incredibly beneficial on its own. Benefits of a healing session include: 

  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Better sleep and ability to relax
  • Mental clarity and less "busy brain"
  • Emotional healing from loss, trauma, or hardship
  • Cultivates inner peace and self-compassion 

How it works:

The client meets with Megan Slattery, owner of Tender Heart Healing & Tools, and Reiki Master Teacher, through Zoom to discuss how the client is feeling and what they'd like to focus on. Then, the client will find a comfortable space to relax and receive their healing session. Megan will walk them through a series of guided meditations to help them visualize their healing. 

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